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Soccer is the only sport i like to play. Whenever i get time i grab my cleats, socks and run to down to UVA turf field with my friends. When we need to play soccer we post it on Facebook. We inform our friends from Status which we post in Facebook.  I’ve been playing soccer for SOCA for 2 years. Now time to play something big. This years i’m trying out for CHS Varsity team, hope to make it. 




Interesting Ads!

Hey guys,

I just saw two ads that reminded me of some of the gender issues we have discussed in class. The first ad depicts the stereotypes that women face, especially in the workplace. Personally I think that it is wrong that women still face unequal pay and are seen as bossy while similar men are considered assertive. At the same time, I think that we are making progress. Maybe it will spark a second semester project??


The second ad is also about gender stereotypes and one reason why there are less girls in engineering related fields. This commercial reminded me of the class that we spent discussing stereotype threat against African Americans and girls.

Just thought y’all may enjoy watching!

Monday, December 2: Immigration Policy at the State Level & Preparing for Videoconference with Senator Mark Warner

The content for today’s lesson is from the UClass Speak up for Immigration lesson, part 3: Explain


When we watched 9500 Liberty, we looked at the legislative process at the local level.

Today, we will look at the Dream Act at the State level, comparing Maryland and Virginia.

First, we will review the Three Branches (Executive, Legislative & Judicial) of Government, and the Three Levels (Local, State and National) by looking at the matrix of how these levels and branches interact:

Levels and Branches of Government Blank Matrix

Levels and Branches of Government filled in Matrix

We will watch this video about the Dream Act for college students passing in Maryland:


We will read this article comparing Maryland and Virginia’s college prospects for undocumented students:


We will prepare for our Video Conference with Senator Warner by writing down our questions, thoughts and opinions about immigration policy: Student Questions sheet for Warner

Video of Mark Warner speaking about Immigration Reform:

Sen. Warner on Immigration Reform