Policy Brief Template and Powerpoint

Welcome back from break everyone!

Our first major task, after picking our topics for the rest of the year, is to create a policy brief to impact an issue that YOU deeply care about.  There is a html file of a template on how to write a policy brief,and a template of how you should present your work.  If you need some examples, just google search “policy brief” and whatever topic you are focused on. For example, google “policy brief food safety”.


policy brief template

3rd and 4th Quarter Action Project Information, Guidelines, and Calendar

Welcome Back!

The information included in this packet explains how the structure of the course will shift as we transition from exploring a range of themes related to globalization and global justice to project-based work designed to help you prepare and carryout your action project.

Your action-project is an opportunity to address significant, real-world problems that impact the Charlottesville community. We’re excited to continue to work with you to combine your skills, interests, and passions and utilize them to address the challenges we’ve become aware of in the first part of the course. If the short video you prepared for the Diversity Assembly is any indication (and we think that it is), we can’t wait for all that comes next!