Action Research: Interview Assignment


To make sure the lunch action project is moving in a direction that our community wants, we need to get feedback from the community.  Please make 3 different lists of interview questions for interviews that you will be conducting with three different people. These interviews should be designed to get more information to help you change school lunch. You could plan to interview an older family member or friend of the family, the cafeteria lady, the principal, or someone from one of the organizations that you have been researching.

Each list should begin with a paragraph explaining:

  1. Who you are planning to interview
  2. Why you are planning to interview them
  3. What you want to learn from your interview
  4. How you will use the information from the interview

Then you should have 10 interview questions.  Be sure to your questions do not have a simple yes or no answer. Check Purdue for other question making tips:

Good Luck!