LGBT Issues

What did you find surprising or shocking about the discussion of gender identity and LGBT issues? What evidence to you see at CHS of either discrimination or acceptance?   How does this discussion connect to human rights?  React, Reflect, Respond.

Remind yourself of powerful statistics by revisiting our class collection of data here.

Templates and Rubrics

Our first major task to wrap up the semester is to decide what work you will be putting into your portfolio and then revising it to make sure it aligns with the 3R Example Rubric. If you have any questions about how to interpret the rubric, please check in with me or Ms. Vasquez. Even though I am not quite healthy, I respond to emails. You should have 5 different 3R essays written in your portfolio by the end of the quarter.

The next task is to create a policy brief to impact an issue that YOU deeply care about.  Details about the deadlines will be forthcoming, but I wanted to make sure both of these rubrics/templates are easy to find. There is a html file of a template on how to write a policy brief, and a template of how you should present your work.  If you need some examples, just google search “policy brief” and whatever topic you are focused on. For example, google “policy brief food safety”.


policy brief template