TomTom Festival Youth Summit

Excited about participating in the DreamMaker lunch workshop!

The TomTom Festival’s Youth Summit  was an exciting day in downtown Charlottesville that brought students from all over Virginia to engage in creative thinking to solve critical problems identified by youth. There were inspirational speakers, powerful workshops, and competitions throughout the day that ended with Governor Terry McAuliffe signing “HB 1230 Higher educational institutions: student intellectual property rights”  and a speech by Charlottesville’s new Vice Mayor, Wes Bellamy.

Kibiriti Shikamaru Majuto, Anil Magar, and Noel Smith pitched their community engagement idea, Let’s Make a Difference Week! on the Paramount stage during the “Social Innovation Challenge” and won $250 to help them launch their project! Unfortunately, the beginning of their pitch was cut off, but we hope to upgrade with the official footage soon!

Connect posterboard

During the student showcase, Chyna Murphy and Aujha Washington  pitched the idea to “Connect” high school mentors with middle schoolers to promote their sense of efficacy access to AP and Honors track classes.


Joining Generations PosterboardKunga Deyang , Mark Williams and Damara Knight presented “Joining Generations” to promote intergenerational interaction.


Karen Navas has also started her project to collect the stories of those who have migrated.

Look for other 2016 Global Citizens action projects coming soon to the site! The Final Project Requirements and rubric are in this document.