Getting to Know Each Other

Wow!  I am thrilled about this year’s class!  What energy and enthusiasm!  When I asked for a few sample issues students care about, the group came up with an impressive array!

BGC Issues Web 2016

Next we will take stock of the interests, skills, and talents we all bring to the community, and we will form working groups.

Global Citizens, a link to the “Welcome to BGC” form is here.  Please fill it out ASAP!  Thank you!

Welcome to the 2016-17 Academic Year!

Welcome, Global Citizens, to a new and exciting year of Becoming a Global Citizen, or as we call it, BGC!

I am incredibly excited to see that this year we have 3 BGC alums returning for another year, ready to take on more leadership challenges!  Congrats to Kibiriti Majuto, Noelle Luendo, and Saad Khaleefa for stepping up!

I am also thrilled to meet all of you who are new to BGC.  This class is unlike anything you have experience before.  It is a “democratic classroom,” which means it is student-led, and YOUR VOICE IS IMPORTANT!

Start thinking about how YOU want to change the world, and prepare yourself to follow your passions and create real change.  It won’t be easy, but we will build skills together and support each other with intense dialogue and group-work so that you can be successful change-makers.  Stay tuned on fantastic field trip and conference opportunities!

Sincerely yours,

Ms. V