Freedom Riders & watching the documentary.

The Freedom Riders were a group of people, who protested in 1961 during the Civil Right movement against racial segregation. They decided to focus their desegregation efforts on interstate buses and wanted to bring their movement from the north to the south.  We went to the Paramount and watched the very insightful and emotional movie about their actions. Watching the movie, our feelings shifted from anger to sadness about how bad they were treated, but resiliently, they achieved a change. After the movie, we had a panel discussion with the Freedom Riders and we all became fascinated by their energy and spirit. I think they are a great model for us young people to take part in civil actions and show courage. Even they did a big progress in achieving equality in the U.S. there is still racism in people’s’ minds, but we as a human being, should try to follow the Freedom riders’ path and abolish racism.  A link to get more information.fw4a

Breakfast and Freedom of Speech

Friday October 14 we sat on A common lunch area, and ate breakfast together has a class. We had a normal breakfast discussion about a UVA professor who called Black Live Matter “the single most hateful group since the KKK”. Having the discussion on the breakfast table really changed how we normally talked, and it was really meaningful because we could see each other and have eye contact. Unlike the having the discussion in class where someone of the people are unable to be seen face to face. Talking about the UVA professor also led us to other discussion such as, freedom of speech.




Dakota Pipeline

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Native Americans have been oppressed throughout history; treaties have been broken, violence has broken out. However it is clear that this is not an issue of the past. The Dakota Access Pipeline is currently under construction and is set to run through an area that is sacred to the lakota Sioux. This land was promised to the Native Americans many years ago, but now, once again, the US government is going back on their word. Not only is this pipeline running through sacred land, it is also potentially hazardous to those living near it. Pipelines can be extremely detrimental to the environment and if it were to burst, this tribe’s water supply could be polluted. Many peaceful protests in response to the pipeline have turned violent and journalists have actually been arrested. The fact that these issues are hardly being addressed by the media further emphasizes how little our government does for native americans, who are truly considered second class citizens.