Collective Identity

Collective Identity: Hatred Bred in the Bone ...

Here is a current lesson from our class:

Guiding Questions:  What is collective identity?  How does it relate to “identity politics”?  How can we define our collective identity here at CHS?


In groups, check out one of these stories and make a list of identity groups that are intersecting here.  What are the issues, challenges, conflicts at play?  Then report out to the class!

  1.  Manchin faces firestorm at home following Kavanaugh vote   (article from ABC News)

  2. Romanian Referendum That Aimed To Ban Same-Sex Marriage Fails (3 minute audio report from NPR)

  3. Brazil election: right-winger wins first round (video from Reuters)

Class Website Refresh!


In the last year and a half, CHS Global Citizens were too busy with action to post on our website.


For example:

  • Take Action Cville Campaign (See tool bar above!)
  • Distributing flyers at “A Concert for Charlottesville”
  • Writing Cards of Love and Support to A12 Victims
  • Moderating a Town Hall Meeting for our absent 5th District Representative
  • “We the People” youth-led festival of unity
  • Collaboration with singer-songwriting Stephan Said on creating a music video for a new anthem of national unity
  • Presenting at the TomTom Youth Summit
  • Speaking up at the first annual Cville Diversity Festival
  • Organizing for 17-minute Walk-Out Against Gun Violence for Parkland
  • Leading April 20 Student Walk-Out for Safe Schools

It is now time for a refresh!  Stay tuned for upcoming posts!