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My name is Alysha and I’m in the 9th grade. The question “What do you need to know to understand me?” is a difficult one to answer. One thing everyone should know is that I am opinionated. I have very strong beliefs and I like spreading those beliefs.


Here is my BAGC portfolio!


A personally responsible citizen is one who is not really an activist, but they focus on themselves. They pay taxes and bills, they vote etc. A participatory citizen is someone who is more activist, like signing petitions. A justice oriented citizen fights for change. They will start a protest, write to a leader etc. These 3 are very different.

A regular citizen would be a personally responsible citizen. They care, but not enough to go outside of their comfort zone. A participatory citizen participates in the community, like going to forums and signing petitions, but they don’t actually lead to make a change. A justice oriented citizen leads and wants change, so they start something for change.

Personally, I think I would be a participatory citizen. I would try for change, but not lead it. I also would try to change something instead of just focusing on myself.


     Youth of color can often feel rejected or left out. Their culture is often looked over and they are pushed to just celebrate American traditions rather than their own. Especially as a youth, you can feel excluded. We should focus on YOC because they don’t need to be discriminated against. YOC matter just as much as youth “without color”.  Every child or youth has a voice that needs to be heard.

     People often disregard YOC’s culture because they are in America and the people think they should celebrate American culture and traditions. If a child who was born in another country or place, it is important that they have a connection with that place. It will always be their birthplace or their home. It feels good to have that connection to the place that you came from, and I think that’s important as well.

    The way that this can be fixed is simple. Respect. You should respect somebody’s culture and ethnicity. You should respect that they might have different traditions or holidays. I think we should embrace diversity and change rather than shy away from it. I have seen youth of color be disregarded so many times, it’s almost sickening. I have seen different cultures forced onto them. I have seen youth of color being told that they need to appreciate “american culture” more, and that since they don’t live in said country anymore, said country’s culture is irrelevant.

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