Anil Samal


My name is Anil, I’m from Nepal. Nepal is a small poor country between Chine and India but people over there are simply awesome. Me and my family came to U.S on 2008. My parents are just amazing, they decided to leave their home country, friends, and families to come to America just for us (my sister and me) so we can have better life and better education.

In my family I have mom, dad, and two sisters. One was born in America. Me and my family believes in GOD, he is our father in heaven.

I really love to play and watch soccer, I am in the highest level in soccer club called Soca and my favorite soccer team is Real Madrid. My favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo, I believe he is the best soccer player.

It would be a dream come true if I meet him one day. My biggest goal is to become a professional soccer player if not than coach young high school students. I don’t just want to help them on the field, I want to help them outside of the field too with whatever they are struggling though.

Here’s my portfolio for the year.



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