Chyna Murphy

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My name is Chyna Murphy. I am currently a Senior. I love people and socializing.  My dream is to become an Industrial Engineer, or own my own business. Its a tough decision, I know. I hope to attend Virginia Tech in the fall of next year. I have 2 dogs and I am the youngest of 4. I have 3 older brothers. I love my family dearly because that’s who will always be there and love you no matter what. After this blog post, I will probably go take a nap, because being a high school student sleep is a thing you get little of.

Here is my Portfolio!

11/04/15   What does it mean to be a global citizen?

     When I first signed up for this class, Becoming A Global Citizen, I thought of diversity. I am used to being pretty much the only black girl in my classes. The class description made me think of different people. The idea of being able to talk to people from all different backgrounds is what had drawn me in. I love all different types of people, and enjoy being around them, so I signed up. I was interested in “Becoming a Global Citizen”, and learning exactly how others define it.

     Being in this class, it has allowed to get exactly what I wanted. There is a variety of people and it is interesting to hear voices from different backgrounds. I came in with an idea of what a global citizen was, and listening to discussions in the beginning of the class just confirmed it.
     Being a citizen means being a part of an environment or a specific place. You have a voice and actively participate in your environment. Being a “Global Citizen” is advocating for those around you and all over. It means being an active citizen in your community as well as others. Participating on a larger scale and others problems other than just your normal environment. You are contributing to the world, not just a single place.

11/08/15  What have you learned about ethnic studies, censorship or citizenship?  How have your views changed or deepened on these topics?

     When we were first told about the classes in Tucson, Arizona, I was intrigued.  The idea of a class based all around your own culture sounded interesting to me. After watching the trailer, I could not believe that people were actually against the ideas of ethnic studies. I was shocked by the fact that people were doing all they could possibly do, to rid of the class and its curriculum. It was saddening to see them succeed in that school.

     After watching the film, it really interested me in seeing what exactly is being censored in schools overall. I looked into topics that are “banned”. I don’t agree with the decision of the school that banned the ethnic study. The banning of a curriculum simply because it makes you uncomfortable is unfair to the student.

     I have learned a lot about ethnic studies and all the benefits it has. From giving students the chance to look at their own culture, to giving them a more comfortable learning environment, it really helps the students. They are able to branch out of their comfort zone and really learn about themselves. Students are able to do all of these things, while still learning the “required” materials.

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