Mohammad Matin Abbasi

hey everybody my name Matin.   I am 17 years old . my hobbies are tennis, video games , reading books. and working out , I have no siblings. What makes me happy is to work hard and see improvement . I am a very competitive guy, super friendly and funny.






My sport is tennis and and I would like to make it to professional levels and make myself and others proud. I also enjoy playing soccer and a big real madrid fan





global citizen and citizenship…… 

A normal citizen that takes actions and responsibilities for his/her actions, gets involved in important issues and tries to make that certain community a better place. For instance, voting, working in food banks, donating and etc. A global citizen pays attention to his/her community and further more. They also care about people in other nations.

we have three kinds of citizenship: personally,participatory and justice citizens. A personally citizen pays taxes and votes. a participatory citizen organizes events and a justice oriented citizen makes changes, they either change or start a change. 

I would like to be a personally citizen and stay out of trouble and help my community to get better.




you can also check out my portfolio !!!

Learning about the world and what we can do to change it @CHSGlobalCitizn

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