Kibiriti Majuto


This is Shikamaru Nara and he is an anime character from the Naruto Manga Series by Masashi Kishimoto. Shikamaru is just a character that symbolize me as person, and just loved him as an anime character. I know that most people will say that I don’t symbolize him because his favorite hobby is taking naps and love being lazy. Well, there are reason why I chosed him to symbolize me.

One, he hates war and find it to be very useless. During the series he try his best to do whatever he can to stop wars from happening to his village. He enjoy helping the people close to him and believe that starting at home is the best way to bring change to your village. Just like him, I tend to find war to be very useless and unjustified. I find that everything can be solved through diplomacy rather than fighting no reason.

Shikamaru enjoy being on his friend’s side as a young shinobi for the hidden leaf  he did everything he can to stop his friends from getting into trouble and just want everything to peaceful.

A peace loving, friend caring, and just someone who will do anything to make sure that everything is in place. That is Shikamaru Nara for you, and that is why I think that he represent me as a person.

As of me, I really think that we should start working hard to get peace. We need to teach peace in our school system, politics and  policy, and so many more. They need to be a moratorium on war, violence, human rights injustices, and many other unlawful things are happening right now in our world.  

I believe that those who break the rules are trash but those who abandon their comrades, are worse than trash. Those are the philosophy of Kakashi, and I think those are ideas that will move our world.  Living for you friends and love one should be something that we all want to work hard to do in our world. Helping the ones near us can be the best way to change the communities that we stay in, and from there onwards it all dependants on they to see what they are going to do.

Shikamaru is one of my favorite role model. Like he always say ¨there’s no advantage to hurrying through life.¨    

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