Nexus & Nexus 3r

Thanks to Dr. Genevieve Walsh, Shannon Jakes, and Heather Foran from the Traveling School for introducing the Nexus activity to the Global Citizens from 2013. It continues to be a favorite, since it is a great exercise in Strengths-based education. The Nexus image to the left is an ancient symbol that has been called everything from the Tripod of Life to Borromean rings and show up in the iconography of religions from Buddhism to Christianity. Students who attended the field trip were able to complete their own set of Borromean Rings with our new volunteers from the Day in the Life Program at UVa’s Curry School of Education. The first ring is filled with “What I am Passionate about or Love.” The second ring is filled with “What that I do well.” The final ring is filled with “What that the World Needs.” Then go back to the intersections between Passion and what you do well and fill in the ways those to things can overlap. Do the same for Passion and Needs and Needs and what you do well. Finally. Fill in the center with the intersections between all three rings. See the wonderful example that Noelle (not pictured) and Eliza worked on while we were at OpenGrounds for orientation:

This week’s 3 R will be a reaction to this activity. Remember that your first paragraph should be a reaction to what the activity is. YOU SHOULD EXPLAIN WHAT THE ACTIVITY IS AND THE PROCESS OF FILLING IT OUT. The second paragraph is a reflection and should analyze your feelings and reactions to your nexus. The third paragraph should be your response to how this activity will affect you moving forward. You could even use this sentence as a starter: “Understanding my values, my passions, and what the world needs has made me think that ……, ……, and …… may be good starting topics for my action project because ……


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