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Teambuilding Day at Open Grounds!

Special thanks to the team at OpenGrounds for allowing us to use their space, as well as being a funding source for the class this year!

Our class has spent a lot of time getting to know each other as individuals and thinking about how the world sees each of us, whether it be because of our ascribed identity or collective identity. As we close out September we will begin thinking about how to build our connections as members of a team so that we can collaborate to create change as citizens.

We will start by recognizing the differences between us as individuals by taking 2 different personality tests. The first one is from a more Western understanding of personality, and the other follows traditional Chinese understandings of personality. Then, we will take a Leadership quiz so students can think about how they can act as leaders and how this relates to their personality. Students should take screen shots of all of their results so that they can document and reflect more fully on them in a post using React, Reflect, Respond  or the 3R method.

We ask that students “React” to the concept of personality and leadership quizzes. In the first paragraph, you will describe the experience and how/what it make you think, feel, consider. You will then write a paragraph to”Reflect” on why you thought, felt, and/or acted the way you did. Finally you will “Respond” by discussing what action you might take (or have already taken) moving forward.

As a class, we ask ourselves what the differences there are between the three tests and whether there are ways that these tests are the same, as well as think about how these can all affect how we work together. Then we will think more about our group dynamic by hearing about ways that personality can negatively impact groups.

Each student and group will then create their own set of personality and/or leadership types, and think about their own strengths and weaknesses as individuals and within the group and plan ways to potentially overcome these obstacles moving forward.

If we have time we will preview the different types of citizenship there are:

Citizenship typology