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Social Safety Nets: Wednesday, October 23rd

The Social Safety Nets Lesson was developed with the idea of students beginning to think about structural mechanisms that bring equity to society. I wanted to develop the concept of social responsibility and help students think about the impacts of inequality in society. They will start off the long class by presenting their first quarter review projects, which will hopefully be course content in future years. Then they will open with a clip about stratification.

The video should raise a few questions, and instructors should facilitate answering questions like:

  • Does it matter that there is inequality?
  • How does inequality impact the poor? The rich?
  • What are ways that governments can prevent stratification?
  • What is social responsibility?

Students will start learning about social safety nets and the different methods that are implemented in their construction. Students will study the most common methods in small groups (one method per group), and then will be jigsawed into new groups with one person from each of the original groups. Students will share their expertise or the different methods to fill out the Social Safety Nets worksheet.

Students will then watch a video about safety nets in Brazil and Ethiopia.

Students should be able to identify which types of safety nets were in the video.  Groups will then be given a country to research and fill out the country safety net worksheet.  Students should share their findings in the whole group and think about what countries seem to be doing a good job of protecting its citizens.

Finally, students will watch a video to complete the lesson to make them consider the impacts of inequality on the wealthy.