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Welcome to our page! Our challenge for you is to take 3 concrete actions to help our community this month. Here are resources for events, organizations, and actions that are happening in our community right now.  You can do this!

  1.  Follow social justice activists on social media.  Just by breaking out of your social media bubble to learn directly from people of color, muslim or LGBT activists, you can raise your awareness and consider different perspectives you’d never thought of before.

Who? Choose someone you’ve never heard of, or a group you know little about!  For example:  * Leslie Mac, *DiDi Delgado, *Marissa Janae Johnson, *Shaun King, *Linda Sarsour, *Dr. Cornel West

2.  Attend a face-to-face event, discussion group or meeting.  Join the Charlottesville Dialogue on Race on Tuesday evenings or Saturday afternoons.  Go to a housing meeting, a City Council meeting, school board meeting, a talk from the UVA Office of Diversity and Engagement, or a discussion group or meeting of one of the groups listed below!

3.  Choose one issue to really focus on, and support a local organization with your volunteer time or money.  Also, don’t forget to support local businesses!  We have put together a list  of great local and regional resources here:

Unity C’ville

Housing Inequality Meetings: PHAR

SOUP Civic Engagement

Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice

Indivisible Charlottesville

 Charlottesville Clergy Collective

 Solidarity Cville

 Black Lives Matter Charlottesville – Paypal

Virginia Organizing

 BullyBust – Be An Upstander


 ACLU of Virginia

 Social Activism Meetups in Charlottesville

Charlottesville Pride Community Network

 Planned Parenthood

Sin Barreras Cville

Legal Aid Justice Center

Charlottesville NOW

Southern Poverty Law Center

Anti-Defamation League

Albemarle-Charlottesville NAACP

Stop Hate Project

Charlottesville Solidarity Legal Fund

UVA Black Student Alliance

Learning about the world and what we can do to change it @CHSGlobalCitizn

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